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#yourProject – Haflinger Tyres – Group 7

The tire with Gripp or even more Gripp

Which tyres does a Haflinger belong to? Often terms such as maloya, semperite or gear tyres fall. At the Haflinger meetings you can see the great variety. Normal exits create all, exceptions are only with mud and mud. And at the price.
In this article, we limit ourselves to the serial dimensions of 12 and 13 inches.
Many thanks to Bernd, Felix and Lorenz for their cooperation.

Work effort: —
Material: 250 – 800 Euro
Tool: none –> Assembly operation

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Workshop – Engine Crankshaft

Can still be saved with lasers?

Where there is air, there is life – sometimes a life of its own. This time the crankshaft. Does the welding machine help?

This article is about an engine like the one we find in the Puch 500 and Haflinger.

During the test drive, after starting the vehicle, the engine speed changed when the clutch pedal was pressed. This led to the suspicion of excessive axial backlash of the crankshaft, as this drives the ignition distributor and the associated ignition adjustment influences the engine speed.

The test by simply moving the pulley back and forth brought the certainty. Under certain circumstances, the V-belts have to be relaxed. A dial gauge confirmed the result with 0.8 mm. In the workshop manual we find 0.17- 0.29 mm, wear limit 0.6 mm.

A disassembly of the engine showed a still decent overall picture, but clear axial inlet marks on the crankshaft, also the crankshaft bearing to the flywheel has lost width.

The cause was probably an impetuous clutch foot.

A classic vehicle clutch must be operated as digitally as possible (almost) digitally, left the clutch pedal after changing gears and also carried out the engine start WITHOUT a clutch being pressed. These measures prolong engine life.

At some point, the simple adjustment option of the axial backlash of the crankshaft to target size via copper disc is over. This is now the case with about 70% of all engine revisions.

Major repair – weld on crankshaft

Today, with the help of laser technology, it is possible to repair run-in crankshafts. The applied material hardness can be selected. The running layer now has a hardness of approx. 60 HRC. Depending on the effort, we are talking about costs of 100-200 euros. After that, the surface must be sanded.

More information about laser application welding can also be found in this film.

…. for grinding it is now, will be resumed shortly

Small repair – add flywheel

If the crankshaft is still dimensionally stable, but still no axial backlash can be adjusted with suitable copper discs, the machining of the flywheel helps as a small solution.
With the milling machine, 0.1 – 0.2 mm can be removed very precisely. Mill because here the basic alignment to avoid impact is much easier in contrast to the lathe. Important here are two points:

  1. The retention of the pass contour to the crankshaft, this radius must not be changed.
  2. In order for the crankshaft to be able to rest really flat, the already existing hind stitch must be added to the lathe. In the area that the cutter has not reached.

Workshop – Air

The throttle valve wave

Where there is air is life – sometimes also a life of its own.

This article is about the original carburetor types of the Puch engines, especially Pallas Zenith 32NDIX and Weber 32ICS. There is excellent literature on this, without which a carburetor overhaul should not be carried out!

Where to buy
Autoquariat, Puch Club Salzburg, Prokschi

The oldi runs strangely, sometimes the engine goes out, sometimes it turns too high. The ignition is fine, the centrifugal force adjustment in the distributor is smooth and resets? What can it be?

Too much air? Wrong air?
They are getting old, the carburettors. They used to do what they should. Cleaning them, assembling a new sealing kit is only half the work. A cleaned carburetor looks good, but an often neglected error lies in the throttle area.

A beaten throttle valve shaft can be easily tested with sensitivity. Is the wave wobbling up and down in its leadership? This is the case for many of the Puch carburetors today. Gasoline leaks and air enters through the wave game. At a point where it shouldn’t be.

There are now new shafts, some with slightly larger diameters and good quality bearing bushings and sealing rings. This can be used to correct the problem described. The testing and overhaul of other components in this context, is not here content of this article.

With the help of precise tools and machines, the holes are revised and restored to target state. In the case of the 32NDIX, it is immediately upgraded to the last stage with X-sealing ring.

The motor thanks it with better conrun, with defined mixture formation and precise adjustment capability. As in the past…

#yourProject – Ignition "Sport" – Group 9

123ignition in the Puch 500 and Haflinger

Create your own ignition curves? No more contact changes in the small boxer engine?

123 Ignition in the Puch aluminium distributor

There are many ways on the market to generate the spark of an internal combustion engine. One of the most diverse offers the conversion to a 123 system. Thanks for the idea to Dirk and the realization to the company

Work effort: 1 hour
Material: 700 Euro
Tool: standard, spark light gun, mobile phone

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#yourProject – Introduction

Whether engine, gearbox, electrics, brakes… Get into technology with us.
Everything about the small boxer engine.

Do you have a basic technical talent? We know where to screw and where to find the experts. Every week we tinker. Whether in person on site, in a group or with the help of WhatsApp. Trust yourself and get in touch with us!



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