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123ignition in the Puch 500 and Haflinger

Create your own ignition curves? No more contact changes in the small boxer engine?

123 Ignition in the Puch aluminium distributor

There are many ways on the market to generate the spark of an internal combustion engine. One of the most diverse offers the conversion to a 123 system. Thanks for the idea to Dirk and the realization to the company 123ignition.de

Work effort: 1 hour
Material: 700 Euro
Tool: standard, spark light gun, mobile phone

The conversion

Here in the second part on the subject of ignitions, it is about the modification of the ignition system for a sports engine. Fun with the technology and the attempt to get additional driveability and power out of the ignition system by means of its own ignition curves. Ever heard of “Spark balancing”? Balancing inequalities between cylinders to improve engine running. Ignition time up to approx. 400rpm 10 degrees to late, making engine start easier, automatic switching off of the ignition coil… These are the topics of the article. There is no 123 Ignition “off the pole” for the small boxer engine. In an old, worn aluminium distributor, the company 123ignition.de us has implemented a corresponding “invisible” conversion according to our specifications with freely selectable ignition curves and an optional vacuum connection.

The ignition coil must have a primary resistance of at least 1 ohms, measurement between terminal 1 and 15. We measured 3 ohms in the Bosch ignition coil. The ignition cables must fit the system. Many dealers would like to sell theire new ignition cables.

Installation is easy. Place the old ignition distributor with the pulley on THE first cylinder on OT marking, remove distributors and insert 123 ignition distributors also onto the first cylinder. Red cable to terminal 15 of the ignition coil. Turn on the ignition and twist the distributor clockwise until the LED in the distributor lights up. Distributor slyly tighten. Black cable on terminal 1, cap on it.

Then download the app, connect to the Distributor via Bluetooth. As a rule, a standard characteristic curve is stored. engine start, it should run. Control ignition with the ignition light gun, if necessary Readjust distributors, tighten distributors. Finished! … First.

Quote, German source 123ignition.de

Why 123-ignition?
Often the ignition in a classic car is the source of many problems. After many years, the mechanical system responsible for the adjustment of the ignition is simply worn out. The use of an ignition system based on optical, magnetic or reverberation effects cannot, of course, compensate for the wear and tear of many parts of the conventional ignition adjustment mechanism in the ignition distributor, especially the centrifugal force adjustment.

A contactless ignition system for classic cars
The 123-ignition ignition distributor is different. Although it is purely externally similar to the original distributor, it is not the mechanics you know inside, but completely maintenance-free high-tech. The ignition distributor does not look like a foreign object under the bonnet of your classic car. It makes the engine run absolutely round like a Japanese sewing machine.

123-ignition – the maintenance-free ignition system
All moving parts of your old ignition distributor, such as breaker contact, centrifugal weights, springs, bearings and the vacuum membrane were replaced by a movable part in the 123 ignition ignition system – the central shaft with the distributor finger on it! The internal electronics supply the system with the correct values for ignition adjustment and an optimal closing angle during the entire speed spectrum in order to be able to provide the highest energy and power at all times. There is no wear that could change the ignition that has been optimally adjusted again – never adjust the ignition again! In combination with our ignition coil and our ignition cable, which are adapted to the 123-ignition distributor, the 123-ignition distributor can be perfectly adjusted. Only the distributor cap and finger should be renewed occasionally to keep the engine of your classic car running to your full satisfaction. No interrupter contact, no trouble!

End Quote

The app available for IOS and Android allows you to create different ignition curves and load them into the distributor via USB.

What is the state of play?

The distributor is built-in, the motor is already running well with a standard curve. Now it is necessary to create different curves based on old data and others assuming the ring limit. The driving ability and power change must be tested on the test bench.

Default to about 6-8 degrees before OT

Ignition cable

The ignition cables must fit the ignition system. If necessary, therefore, re-procure or manufacture.

Manufacture ignition cables

Upcoming topics

Test on the dynamometer Comparison series to 123 Ignition, distribution test bench, Integration of the vacuum system

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