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The tire with Gripp or even more Gripp

Which tyres does a Haflinger belong to? Often terms such as maloya, semperite or gear tyres fall. At the Haflinger meetings you can see the great variety. Normal exits create all, exceptions are only with mud and mud. And at the price.
In this article, we limit ourselves to the serial dimensions of 12 and 13 inches.
Many thanks to Bernd, Felix and Lorenz for their cooperation.

Work effort: —
Material: 250 – 800 Euro
Tool: none –> Assembly operation

Tire approvals

The Haflinger was available ex works with wheel sizes 12 and 13 inches. Here are the corresponding releases. As a rule, tyre dimensions that derive from this are also accepted. A speedometer adjustment may be required.


A tire is described as old after 8-10 years (ADAC). Even though he still has a lot of profile, his detention behavior decreases.

Commercially available winter
tyresThe cheap entry into the Haflinger world. If necessary, it still has the four-wheel drive and the locks. It’s amazing what’s going on with it as long as it doesn’t get muddy.

Many off-road tyres in small sizes are offered as retreaded. In many cases, it is no longer so easy for companies to get old car carcasses in sizes 12 and 13 inches. This explains, among other things, the significant price increase in recent years. It is interesting if you get carcasses with different side hardness. But still drive.

Snowflake / M+S marking
Is to be checked on a case-by-case basis. There may be country-specific rules here.

Running noise
With all new tyres you will be surprised by the new smoothness, as the mounted tyres are usually already very old or the blocks have positioned themselves to the sawtooth.

Series 3.5x 12 or 5×13 (APK). Also usable are rims with a hole circle 98 x 4, centering hole 58.3 mm, e.g. FIAT Punto Cabrio 4.5×13. It fits all rims of the old Fiat models such as 124/125/127/128/131, Panda, Uno, Tempra etc. Even old Lancias and Alfas are mostly suitable for the rims, provided that the ET is +/-36mm. VW rims are also driven. Whet
her with round or angular holes in the rim is a matter of taste. The centering hole may have to be adjusted!

Suit torque
The wheel bolts have a bolt M10. With the ball-bund nut, a suit torque of 60Nm is enough. Changing a torn wheel bolt isn’t that easy. The APK has bolts with M12. Accordingly, here is the suit moment.


Winter tyres

A low-cost alternative to move with the Haflinger. Here mounted on a VW rim.

Maloya Swiss Army

The standard tire for the original CH Army Haflinger. Temporarily available again.


The “Old Master”


New on the market in state-of-the-art technology, latest rubber compound. Feels pleasant. Quiet, grippy on the asphalt and a driving comfort is available on top. The tyre can only be recommended in terms of price not taken off. 


Excellent off-road tyres, also recommended in the snow.


Excellent off-road tyres. Even a bit coarser and with a few more milimeter tunnel height compared to the Fedima. Here on a FIAT Punto rim.


The tire for the very rough. Not so easy to procure.


The test has started and the first experiences are expected in 2020.

The overview tables

12 inch tires

TypeDifferentF/ORMR TRAC
Size165-12165-12155/80 R12 C
Lastindex72747588/86 N

13 inch tires

Size155/80 R13155-13155/80 R 13

All data without guarante
eStatus 08/2019

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