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#yourProject – Haflinger Steering Group 5

It begins, at some point the steering game is there.

Who doesn’t want direct steering? The driver and the TÜV. There are two components in which wear is often the first appearance. The short, medium steering rod and the axle on the front axle housing. This can be determined by moving the steering wheel back and forth while simultaneously observing the two components and the steering lane lever (also intermediate steering lever). If the wheels do not move, or only a little, the steering wheel travels some way, then the steering movement disappears in the air of the components. In this chapter we deal with a simple can/axis storage. The spare parts catalogue is very useful. Here the necessary spare parts such as axle, sleeves and O-rings are listed. Buying a spare parts kit is a practical matter.

Our thanks for this project go to Bernd, Helmut and the company Autoquariat.

Work effort: 2 hours
Material: about 120 Euro
Tool: standard plus installation in the picture

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