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#yourProject – Haflinger Tyres – Group 7

The tire with Gripp or even more Gripp

Which tyres does a Haflinger belong to? Often terms such as maloya, semperite or gear tyres fall. At the Haflinger meetings you can see the great variety. Normal exits create all, exceptions are only with mud and mud. And at the price.
In this article, we limit ourselves to the serial dimensions of 12 and 13 inches.
Many thanks to Bernd, Felix and Lorenz for their cooperation.

Work effort: —
Material: 250 – 800 Euro
Tool: none –> Assembly operation

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#yourProject – Ignition – Group 9

The ignition system, the ignition distributor

It jerks, shoots, jumps badly. Small parts, great effect, and not always it is the carburetor.

CH-Army, casting, aluminium distributor

The interaction of the small parts in the ignition system is important. You decisively decide on a good engine run. Is the contact set to the correct distance? Is the ignition time correct? What does the spark plug look like, does the electrode distance fit? We want to address these issues in this article.

Many thanks in particular to Bosch Classic and to our Bosch experts.

Work effort: 1 hour
Material: 20 – 50 Euro
Tool: standard, sensor teaching

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