The circle of friends… on an almond blossom tour

Magnificent nature and the most beautiful weather at the beginning of the 2019 season. We were on our way in the Palatinate and Alsace.

A dream day

After spending many beautiful hours in the Palatinate, we decided for the first time to carry out an almond blossom tour. Around the Southern Wine Route

should go. Whether Puch or Haflinger, the main thing is a small boxer engine. The first meeting point was a small forest hut on the 400m high pass “Three Beech”. Thanks to the warm hospitality of the hut owner, we were able to start the trip with the tour planning quite relaxed. A colleague had forgotten an apple pie in Alsace on the Gimbelhof, this extended tour variant was also discussed. Almost wouldn’t have gone away, so nice was the warm temperatures in our seat.

From the pass height we quickly headed towards the Wine Route. Left and right lined with colorful flowers. On natural roads we reached the most beautiful places and many hikers were happy about the variety of colours of our group.

Always heading south, that was our plan. Quickly collect a Haflinger and then continue towards the German Wine Gate. Back on the wine route or to Alsace? That was the question, during a break just before the French border. We decided on the full program and drove a round of the old town through the beautiful Wissenbourg. On small roads through very nice areas in the North Alsace we finally reached the Gimbelhof. Here, too, we were spoiled by a magnificent view with glorious sunshine, and of course the expected tarte aux pommes.

The return trip to Germany via a well-known green border, through picturesque valleys on small roads, was a good training for the new season. At the end of the evening together, the next plans were already forged….