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What I always wanted to know for Puch 500, 650, 700, Haflinger and the small boxer engine

How do I measure the engine oil level correctly?

Answer: The engine oil level is measured with the measuring rod inserted and should lie between the 2 markings (Min-Max). It is best to measure before an engine start. Do not screw in during the measurement and do not fill it via Max!
A fiber sealer should be located in the threaded part of the measuring rod.

Which oil do I use for the small boxer engine?

Answer: Mineral SAE 20W-50
Ideally mild alloyed vintage oil. See test on the Internet.

What air pressure should I drive?

Answer: Here are some guide values, may vary depending on the tyre type, tyre dimension, ground condition, load.

VA 1.4 – 1.6 Bar
HA 1.6 – 1.8 Bar

VA 1.6 – 2.0 Bar
HA 1.8 – 2.2 Bar

Which battery should I buy?

Answer: 44/45 AH are completely sufficient in normal maintenance condition, dimensions depending on the installation possibility.
In the Puch rather the high form. At Haflinger also like a little more capacity.

How does the ignition belong?

Answer: Ignition time static approx. 8-10mm before OT (test lamp
), contact distance 0.4 mm (sensor g
auge)Candles Heat value 225 – BOSCH W5AC or comparable, electrode distance 0.7 mm

Which spark plug is the best?

Answer: ALL if the values are correct and ignition and carburetor setting are fine. The candlelight is usually not due to the candle.
Original BOSCH W5AC (0 241 245 580)
Thread M14x1,25, thread length short thread 12.7mm, SW 20.8mm, tightening torque 20-25 Nm.
Also suitable with heat value 225, electrode distance 0.7 m
m: NGK B7HS, Champion L82C, Beru 14-5A etc.

Do I need an oil bath air filter?

Answer: Rather no.
For the hard work, this type of filter was standard at that time and installed in the 700C and mostly in the Haflinger.
Old bunnies claim it costs performance. A conversion in the Combi is usually not sensible due to the structural conditions. With Haflinger, the sole use of the paper filter is a good way to do this.

How big must the valve clearance be?

Answer: 0.15 mm for inlet and outlet valve. Measured in a cold state.

How often should I check the valve clearance?

Answer: For retracted engines, all 5,000-10,000 KM in the course of a large service.
Further testing is required in the event of an initial loss of power or start difficulties with a warm engine.
With a newly built engine, it is recommended to test for about 400-800 KM, because the heads like to sit down a bit.

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