Above all, we have friendship among our members. We are not a club with offices and regulations.

The history of Steyr Puch goes back a long way and has brought many products to the market in vehicle technology. Therefore, often questions are where our roots are and if/where there are limits. The circle of friends originated as a loose association of like-minded people. It was founded in 1984 in the Ruhr area by a couple of motorsport racers enthusiastic about Steyr Puch.

The classic little car Steyr Puch 500 celebrated its 60th birthday in 2017. It was known to insiders as “just a bit” Italian and had a few horsepower more than the Fiat 500 but accelerating twice faster. As a sport equipment in the 60s and 70s in its class, it was a big one. Its small four-wheel brother Haflinger comes with the same engine principle and creates dizzying paths thanks to its transmission concept.

The Steyr Puch Circle of Friends takes care of the preservation and presentation of popular vehicles.