Thondorf Special Edition Corona 2020

For current reasons, you can find our member magazine Thondorf in German language as an online leaf version in the public area. A full-screen mode can be selected in view mode, and a magnifying glass function is also available.

We are at home and like to think about the beautiful tours and experiences. Our thoughts are also with our international friends.

We wish you a lot of fun with the magazine !

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  1. # Yes, during this time we also need something to dream and suggestions for the time afterwards.

    # All the best and stay healthy

    # It’s been a crazy time !! …. but that will soon be history and we will tell each other “did you know back then ??”.

    # A great idea to initiate contact with like-minded Puch kickers in these times.

    # The Steyr-Puch 650 TR 1 Europa is still a great pleasure!

    # Thank you for the nice change and the impulses!


    # Oui, pendant ce temps, nous avons également besoin de quelque chose pour rêver et de suggestions pour la suite.

    # Tout le meilleur et rester en bonne santé

    # Ça a été un moment fou !! …. mais ce sera bientôt de l’histoire et nous nous dirons “saviez-vous à l’époque ??”.

    # Une excellente idée pour entrer en contact avec des botteurs Puch partageant les mêmes idées en ces temps.

    # Le Steyr-Puch 650 TR 1 Europa est toujours un grand plaisir!

    # Merci pour le bon changement et les impulsions!

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