#yourProject – Haflinger Axle – Group 6

Axle cuff Haflinger MK1
Who doesn’t know? A defective axle cuff on the front axle

The first Haflingers still had a rubber cuff over the articulated shaft. If you have discovered the defective front axle cuff in time, you may still be able to repair your drive shaft. In the meantime, there are also replicas, which are however many times more expensive. The spare parts catalogue is very useful here. Here the necessary spare parts such as O-rings and cuffs are listed. Our thanks for this project goes to the company Autoquariat.

Work effort: 3-4 hours
Material: about 50 Euro
Tool: standard plus installation in the picture

Special tool

Spring tensioner
Brake wrench
Track rod puller
Fork wrench SW30
Ring wrench SW24
Thread drill M7
Diverse screws M7
Old crankshaft bearing

Axle cuff

We want to replace the No. 71. For this purpose, other parts have to be selected as required and wear.

Here are the steps in detail:

  • Dismantling the spring element with spring tensioner
  • Release the brake hose from the brake line
  • Press the ball head of the steering
  • Expel the upper bolt
  • Clean the thread on the top bolt
  • A suitable puller with screws M7 and e.g. a nut or similar assemble, pull out top bolts
  • Remove the lid from the lower bolt
  • Dismantling bolts (SW24, SW30)
  • Dismantling the axle cuff on the workbench, cleaning and new part in case of positive wear test
  • Replace shaft sealing ring in the axle tube, for installation, e.g. use the old crankshaft bearing
  • Renew various seals when assembling in reverse order
  • In all work also observe the wear of other components, if necessary renew

  • Spring tensioner
  • Dismantling the brake and steering
  • Cleaning, M7 in the upper bolt
  • Puller
  • O-ring on the upper bolt
  • Changing shaft sealing ring
  • Disassembly axle cuff
  • New fat filling

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